Obesity, also known as fatness among people, is the accumulation of excessive and abnormal fat in the body to the extent that it impairs and damages health.

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While calculating obesity, the Body Mass Index (BMI), calculated by dividing your weight by the square of your height (kg/m²), is used and is based on the reference range of the World Health Organization.


About Me

Thanks to my experience in medical school and the numerous obesity and metabolic surgery operations I participated in, I decided to specialize in this field.

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18 Different Countries, 5000+ Successful Operations

Gastric Sleeve

From Only 3 Holes

Minimized risk and quicker recovery!

As a result of my experience from hundreds of surgeries, I developed my own 3-hole gastric sleeve surgery method which protects other organs during surgery and accelerates the healing process.

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1. Day

  • The patient is picked up from the airport by a VIP vehicle with Wi-Fi internet and taken to the hospital.
  • The patient is received by the team in the hospital and the registration process takes place.
  • All examinations of the patient are carried out. (Blood draw, X-ray, USG, EKG are checked and evaluated by the internist and anesthetist.)
  • The patient is admitted to the hospital and all necessary documents are signed.
  • The patient meets Dr. Ersin Aksu.
  • The patient is called into the operating room. (A porter picks up the patient from his room and takes him to the operating room.)
  • The patient is prepared for the operation and the operation is carried out.
  • After the operation, the patient is admitted to the recovery room and after waking up the patient is brought back to his private room by a porter.
  • The patient is mobilized after 4 hours and spends the day in peace.

2. Day

  • A seal test is carried out.
  • In the private room there will be nutritional advice and drug training.

3. Day

  • The patient stays in the hospital for 2 days and regular patient visits are carried out until the day of discharge.

5. Day

  • On the day of discharge, the patient is picked up and driven to the airport in a VIP vehicle.

Routine inspection period

  • The patient is then regularly monitored and is in constant contact. Patients can call us around the clock. There are general controls and dietitian controls in the 1st week, 1st month, 3rd month, 6th month, 1st year, 1.5 years and 2nd year online.
  • In addition, psychological support is provided for 6 months.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures