Ersin Aksu

Obesity and Diabetes Surgeon Specialist

About Me

I was born in Balikesir, Turkey in 1976.
I completed my secondary and high school education in Istanbul.
As soon as I graduated from Çapa Medical Faculty in 2003, in order to become one of the best in my field I began my specialization training in the department of general surgery of Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty.

Thanks to my experience in medical school and the numerous obesity and metabolic surgery operations I participated in, I decided to specialize in this field.

Following my specialization education in Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty I moved to Izmir by completing my compulsory service in Manisa and performed many obesity and metabolic surgery procedures in private hospitals here.

Based on my experience in performing my profession, I took an important step for the health sector and started to implement a different method in my surgeries. Dr. Ersin Aksu pioneered an innovation by conducting tube gastric surgeries through 3 holes, which are his own method, without exposing the patient’s other organs to the effect of his operation, i.e. by saving other organs from complications that may occur, and has undertaken many successful surgeries.