Gastric balloon is an endoscopic procedure that has been performed for many years. The balloon is inserted into the stomach and inflated. According to the process to be applied, there are different types of balloons of different specifications in different brands.

Gastric Balloon inflated with air: It is placed in the stomach with an endoscopy in a decayed state and inflated with air in an amount ranging from 500-700 cc according to the capacity of the person’s stomach.  There is a relief valve mechanism on the balloon, such as on the car wheel, and the air may decrease over time. Generally it should be removed within 6-8 months. It is inconvenient to stay for a long time because it causes damage to the stomach wall.

Gastric Balloon inflated with liquid: The balloon is inflated with liquid in the stomach. It gives better results than an inflated balloon because it makes weight. There is less risk of fluid leakage from the valve mechanism. There may be a decrease in volume in the balloon, which is inflated with liquid and air over time. The volume reduction in the balloon may decrease the weight loss rate. The balloon, which is inflated with liquid, is removed after 6-8 months.

Reconfigurable Gastric Balloon: There is a mechanism on the gastric balloon that provides the opportunity to decrease and increase the water volume. It can remain in the stomach for a long time, such as 1 year, and can be re-inflated by endoscopy when its volume decreases.

1- Consultation
In consultation with our surgeon, you will receive the best information on gastric balloon We provide you with up-to-date information in person or by phone.

2 – Treatment
The treatment takes place by our specialists after detailed information, detailed tests and various examinations. It is aimed to apply the most accurate treatment.

3 – Success
We follow the process closely after the surgery as well as before the surgery. We achieve success with proper nutrition guidance and postoperative follow-up.

Capsule Gastric Balloon: It is a type of balloon that does not require endoscopy in the form of a capsule and should be swallowed by the person. After a period of 4 -6 months, the balloon melts on its own and does not need to be removed.

In the balloon application, the stomach volume is reduced mechanically and the passage of food into the intestine is delayed. In this way, weight loss is achieved. Strict dietician follow-up is important after the procedure.

According to our experience, gastric balloon application; they give successful results with a good procedure, strict dietitian follow-up and the patient’s desire to lose weight. Failure to complete any of these three elements obstructs weight loss.

Diet: You can contact our dietitians who have been trained, experienced and have a high level of patient relations, for our diet practices, and you can follow our dietitians on their social media accounts. The first method to be applied in the treatment of obesity is diet.

Op.Dr. Ersin Aksu and his team of specialists aim for high success with strict follow-up before and after surgery. Your happiness is our success. For further information, please contact us and review our Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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